My New Project

I’m so excited about this project which we were briefed on last week. We are making artist books, and I’ve decided to focus mine on my personal mind/dreamscape. So essentially I’m gonna do a shit-ton of daydreaming and doodling!

I’m kind of nervous though, I’m opening myself up a bit; to the tutors and to myself. They’re going to see (in the book and in my sketchbooks) a bit of a darker side I think, and I’m going to have to access parts of me which I try to shut off a bit.

Such as my over active imagination. In the last 6 months or so, it’s gone into extreme overdrive, to the point where I can really easily convince myself that my fantasies could be reality (not hallucinations, but a weird sort of wobbliness I guess). That’s mostly with scary stuff like people stalking me, shadows chasing me etc. The stuff that normally spurts out of my head (apart from word vomit) are things like fairies, dragons, characters I’ve created, that sort of thing. With this project, I’m trying to immerse myself in that world a little bit more, and I’m a little nervous about what might come up. But hey, what’s the fun if I don’t get at least a tiny bit disturbed!


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