Soggy Feet

I managed to get out again, it’s a bit cloudier now so the photos look better. However, the tide had come right in, so it was a bit difficult walking along some parts (I ended up sinking into a heap of seaweed that came to my knees). My feet got drenched multiple times, and after the 4th time I decided to turn back, as the path ahead just got worse. The parts that came after I should have photos from previous adventures, so if I wanted I could use those.

What I imagine around here is much closer to reality than in Dundee, I’m not sure what that means, but hey! I did wander into some areas that had some bad memories, but I started imagining more and more crazy stuff (lotta spooky shadows).

Anyways, I think I might chill for a bit and eat something, then get back to work.


Check my Facebook page for more updates on the artist book:

Only listened to one song:

Feel it Still – Portugal. the Man (it came out today and I’ve been super excited for it)


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