Back to Life, Back to Reality

So I’m back in Dundee again, and out of the Argyll dream world. It’s always felt to me as though the Rest and Be Thankful was like a sort of portal between reality and the dream world. I always thought Argyll was the dream world, but, over the last year or so, it has started to feel more like my reality. Whether this means it’s my true home or I’m a bit nutty I don’t know. Probably a bit of both.

To me, Cornwall feels like where I’m supposed to be. I’ve only spent 3 weeks of my life there, but it felt like my home. It felt right. It wasn’t that I was on holiday, and I was just in a happy holiday mood, it just felt like I was right where I was meant to be. Bit cliched, but true. I feel human when I’m there, not like I’m going to drift out of my body, or shrink and disappear inside it. I had hoped to live there someday, but it will probably never happen.

Anyways, I’m home safe and ended up buying myself an Easter egg at Tesco because sometimes it’s just nice to have Easter eggs. It’s a good way to have chocolate. I’d post a pic but I’ve already eaten a big chunk so it’s not quite so attractive anymore.


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