Surfing Villain

Didn’t have a huge amount to say yesterday, not a lot happened really. We played Pandemic for the first time and we cheated about 10 times. That was confused.

Dad made pancakes this morning, and “The Maigret Theme” came on, and I instantly declared that it sounded like an evil villain surfing on the back of a shark. It set us all off with the giggles, it’s quite an absurd mental image. I definitely need to include it in the artist book project, it was such a vivid image.


Listen to it here, you’ll know exactly what I mean:

Heading back up to Dundee later today, might be able to squeeze in one last adventure before I leave Argyll (Mum has told me that we have to play “parlour” games though)



Check out my Facebook page for more updates on the artist book project:


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