Inspiration Strikes

I think I have stumbled upon a final idea. David was giving a talk this afternoon, and narrative kept coming up. My idea had a sort of narrative, but I began to think that perhaps it would be better if, rather than random photos, it was ones from a specific walk I took.

I instantly jumped to the photos I had taken over the weekend. Lately, Dundee hasn’t been conjuring up a huge amount in my mind, but when I was at home and out and about I couldn’t get my faerie story out of my head. It was one that I began before the 2016 Summer holidays, with a map of a country inhabited by various faerie species. I obsessed over it over the summer, filling sketchbooks with faerie designs, and writing tons about the history of that world, about the different species etc.

It felt inevitable that at some point they would appear in my class work this year.

So it looks like my artist book will heavily feature the main characters in that story (chiefly Iarann Cleite), and their adventure in my world.



Here are a few of the faerie designs/doodles I did over the summer:

Tintreach (storm dragon)





Scanrúil (spider-like monster)


Gríos (pests)



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