My Top 3 Creepy Places in my Village

Okay prepare to be TERRIFIED because I am going to show you (in no particular order) the places in my village that creep me out the most.


Mary’s Shed

This shed, I believe, belongs to my 95 year old neighbour Mary. She’s a lovely lady, a tad forgetful, but always pleased to see me and my brother (even though he generally communicates in grunts and swears). Around on the side of the shed are 2 mossy windows, that you can barely see into (I couldn’t get a decent shot, too much hedge in the way). The shed is generally creepy enough, but those windows absolutely PETRIFY me, and have done since I moved to the village. They’re exactly the kind of thing you’d find in a horror movie, with a creepy figure staring out waiting to violently murder you. Chirpy. One has a small hole in it as well, which I can picture a single eye staring through. At night, and even in the day, when walking past this place I always sprint at top speed. Fortunately my house is right round the corner so there is no chance of any evil thing attacking me. Unless it was  something with superhuman speed….


The Old Pub

It’s been done up over the last few years, but for a good 8 years or so, the old pub lay empty. It used to be across the close thing from me, but I moved down the hill in 2006, so I was further from it. Every time I pass it, I feel compelled to take photo. It’s such an interesting building, that has always creeped me out. The way it looms over all the others, how the windows are a little dark so you wouldn’t be able to see anything unless it was right by the window. It just has a very creepy air. I was also convinced a witch lived there when I was younger. I’m pretty sure she was called Rosemary but I’ve probably made that up. I only saw her once; she was an older woman wearing all black. She died soon after, and after that I was convinced her spirit was still inhabited the house, and that was why no-one wanted to move there. Still sends shivers up my spine when I pass it, but more because of the actual structure than the story I made up to go with it.

The Dam

Technically not in my village, but definitely the most disturbing place. I first visited it shortly after reading “Looking for JJ”, in which a wee girl is murdered up at a dam, and there are loads of creepy cats that are pissed because many cats drowned in the reservoir. Anyways, the dam is way up Beinn Ghlas (I’ve probably spelt that wrong), and it feels like you are miles from anything. Down the hill is Crarae Garden, but it’s a good mile, and Garvachy Farm is a half mile away, but not visible. It is the kind of place you visit and you get a sense that sad and awful things could’ve happened there. It’s a very spooky place, even thinking about is giving me goosebumps. Even going up there with someone else, I still get creeped out. I worry that someday I’ll go up there and find that someone had jumped off it, and no one had found their corpse. I love it, it’s amazing and terrifying, but it’s really spooky. You can scramble down to the bottom of the slope as well, so you’re right at the bottom, and you really get a sense of how big it is. And bits of the concrete have come away, so it feels like it could come down and you’d be crushed. I recommend going up there if you can, just because it’s such an odd place. There was also a sheep skeleton nearby (nearly all the bones!) which I got excited about and wanted to take pieces home (I’m not your average vegan) but my boyfriend told me no, normally he’d be okay with it, but I think it’s just because of the strange sense you get at that place. I really cannot put into words how odd it is.

Okay minor panic because I cannot find any of my photos of the dam. They must be somewhere. I’ve got some contextual ones but none of the actual place so for now you’ll have to imagine.




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