Names changed to protect identities

One last post before I sleep, because it’s on my mind. I spent way too long trying to find pics of the dam.

When I first moved to my village, we had a female couple a few doors away. I was only 7 at the time, and I didn’t realise women were allowed to be in love with other women. It just wasn’t a concept I’d come across. I knew that Louise lived over there, I’d met her many times,  and Mum and Dad always referred to their house as “Louise’s”, so I’d assumed that only she lived there, with her dog. So I was pretty shocked when Louise’s appearances alternated with another woman’s. That woman would go in an out of the house too, and I saw her with the dog, but I never saw her and Louise at the same time (otherwise I might have concluded they were sisters). So I decided that Louise was a shapeshifter. To add to this, I was absolutely terrified of dogs at the time, and I was pretty sure their dog was some kind of hell hound.

After believing for a couple of years that Louise was a shapeshifter I decided that she must’ve moved away, and the other woman had taken the house over. I eventually saw them together, and understood that they were most likely together together.

When I was 7, in my world, my neighbours were a shapeshifter, a hell hound, a witch, 2 middle aged people secretly in a motorbike gang (they just rode bikes), a horrible bully and a man who shared his name with a bird. Things have become infinitely more boring now, my neighbours are a holiday cottage and a shop, or a person with shit music, some stoners, and the grey haired boy. Yay.



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