Minor Panic

There is now about 24 days until the end of this term, and I am realising just how much work I have. I have to finish this project, then do another, finish my King Lear posters and get them printed, start and finish my essay and perform in Treasure Island.

At the moment it is only minor panic, and I am approaching each thing as calmly as possible, but I think by my birthday (which is when my essay is due, one of the TI nights and 2 days before the Future Camera project is due) I will be just an insane ball of stress. Oh and my group has a power point presentation/pitch thing to do for Friday, which is another thing to be concerned about. Oh well. It will be fine, there is no other option.

On top of that stuff, the last point of my wisdom tooth is pushing through, and it is rather sore.



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