I’m gonna try and write this as fast as possible so excuse any spelling mistakes because it’s already fading.

I dreamt that I was in the flat, talking to one of my flatmates. We went outside, so we were stood on the wee path through the front garden bit. As we were standing there, a flock of birds flew over. I’m not sure what kind of birds they were, they were small, not geese or gulls, and flew in a big crowd not a V. My flatmate turned to me, and said very solemnly, “I must go now, my people are calling.” He started running down the street, cheeping and making various other bird noises, while flapping his arms. I stood there waving, and then he started flying. Then my tutor Tommy flew over and shouted down to me, “Don’t worry! I’m catching up!” and then suddenly was flying faster and he was with the flock, who were flying over the Tay at that point. Then I woke up.



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