Gaoithe (Air Elemental)

I’ve been a feeling a wee bit low the last couple of days, and I was really wallowing in it a couple of hours ago, so I decided to do something for my project work, because it’s always good to do something creative to take my mind off things.

I went through the list of images I want/need to create, and jumped on the one featuring my original character, Elva.

Elva is one of my faeries, and the half sister of the “main” one, Iarann. She is a gaoithe (the gaelic word for wind), which is an air elemental in my faerie world.

Typical of gaoithes, she is extremely tall and slender, and seems as though she could be blown away in a moment (haha that’s funny because she moves the air herself, I’m so good). Gaoithes tend to have varying shades of grey skin and silver hair, and usually have blue/grey eyes, though Elva is unusual as she inherited her father’s bright green eyes.

As a character she is one of my favourites that I’ve designed. A lot of my characters have issues of some sort: Nolwenn was depressed, Iarann is full of this pent up rage, Innse is just evil, Scáth is full of anxiety- you get the picture.

But Elva… She has issues in her life, but she doesn’t let them control her. I guess my personality is closer to Iarann’s, a little darker, and Elva is who I hope to be. She is this extremely kind, benevolent young woman, but she’s not weak. She is strong, and stands by what she believes in. The past couple of months I’ve been beginning to understand that I can still be a good/kind person while standing by what I believe in, but also that I don’t need to be so stubborn. When you fight with somebody it’s okay to admit you’re wrong and say sorry. Even if they wronged you as well, it’s okay to make the first steps back towards them. What’s the point in letting short, intense fights ruin years of friendship? Why do I need to argue things to death, so I ruin what can be quite a good, friendly atmosphere and make it tense? Of course it takes two to tango in fights and arguments (and I still know I’m right) but it doesn’t need to go as far as it can do (e.g the Doctor Who thing with my brother a few years ago, that was just silly) and I can learn to back down. Except with my Dad because his wee cheeky smirk when he thinks he’s won drives me insane. I KNOW YOU READ THIS DAD, PLEASE STOP DOING THE SMIRK!!!

Anyways, Elva knows when it’s right to fight and stand by something, but also when it’s okay to admit she’s wrong, be kind, say sorry etc. I want to be more like that.


Note: Her legs ended up a bit funny,  but her face and hair and the colouring is what is important.




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