Nilsine Test

So this is a mock up I made of the Nilsine/Shadow page. I’m quite please with it, although I still think the text might need to change colour, and I’m still considering doing the text by hand, more personal.

I do want to include text in it, in the form of haikus. When I’m out daydreaming things, it is often wrapped in a story, and I feel these create little snippets of what is in my head better.

I also need to find a way to make the colour in my illustrations clearer when they’re put into the computer. I hate using scanners as i’ve always found they just wash everything out, so I tend to only use them for things that are completely black and white. The subtle changes in the greens of her skin would not be picked up well with a scanner, and my own camera is only doing it slightly better. Need to think some more, will probably discuss it with Hope.


nilsine test.jpg


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