I need to talk about it because I have not and I can’t stop thinking about/listening to it.

Broke by Kye Kye.

It appeared in an episode of Awkward I was watching (that show is one of my guilty pleasures, I don’t always have to be a moody, death obsessed bitch) and I was like, “Hm this is pretty cool,” but now I can’t stop listening to it!

It’s “indietronica” apparently, so not something I’d usually listen to, but I really love it. Something about it… I don’t know, it’s like I can feel its resigned calmness washing through me. It’s an odd sensation to describe, but I keep craving this song. Not only because I get it stuck in my head as well.

It’s also the lyrics, they’re really beautiful, and they’re all quotes from the bible, and even though I’m not Christian, I think it’s amazing that such an awesome song can be comprised entirely of bible quotes.

I really love the album art too, it fits perfectly with how the song feels (you know when you hear or see something and instantly associate colour with it, like how I associate Hope with a bright orangeĀ ball of pure electric energy), and it’s generally just really beautiful.

I know I need to stop using the word just. People associate it with weakness, if you use it less you come across as stronger, and I was always told in primary school that it was on the “bad” word list- words you should avoid using in your writing.


Here’s the artwork:

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 02.38.05.png


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