Naming Iarann Cleite

Iarann Cleite is probably one of my favourite characters that I’ve come up with. As mentioned in some of my previous posts, she feels like who I am now.

Her name is gaelic for “Iron Feather”, which is what the name of her story is. Originally, she was one of two characters (the other being Shadow Rat) who I came up with while doodling at about 3am in my flatmate’s bedroom in 1st year.

She was, at first called Feather Steel. However, when she became more developed and there were more faeries in that world, I chose to switch it to Scots/Irish Gaelic. The Irish Gaelic for steel is “cruach” and it just didn’t feel right. So she became Iarann.

Somehow, Iarann is far more fitting.

Steel is an alloy including iron (that’s a weird phrasing, I’m sorry), and is known for being very strong and not really eroding. Iron is also strong, but it is also brittle, and will be more likely to crack under pressure and stuff (forgive me if I’m wrong Dad, which I probably am).

Iarann is also a very strong character, but she’s certainly brittle. Her psyche comes close to/does snap multiple times throughout the story, and she is not always a very giving person.

The feather part came from her agility. Despite having her (feathered) wings sawn off as a child, she learned to move about the trees as fast as any other faerie.

By the way, Shadow Rat became “Scáth Luch”, which means Shadow Mouse.



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