Post-Critique Thoughts

Just had my crit for the Artist Book (I will put more photos on the Facebook page, I just haven’t got round to it yet). It’s not anywhere near finished yet, but that’s okay.

Basically I need to edit myself. I’m trying to do too much, and I’ve got too many ideas whirring round my head and I just need to make it a bit more focused and stop trying to mash everything together. I’m still definitely going to feature the faeries somehow (they’re too important to me, and I don’t want to leave them out of it) but not have them photoshopped into the black and white photos. It’ll probably be 2 separate sets of cards, and people can kind of match them together using the haikus I’m writing. So rather than writing proper puzzles or whatever, use the haikus as a way to give hints.

Here’s a very basic haiku idea:

The greatest of queens,

Respected and loved by all,

Guarding the gateway.

This refers to the photo, which is the location for the map (spoiler alert: it’s the queen tree by the gap in the wall). And then there’d be another verse:

Spirits of dead fey,

Drift round the mighty tree.

Silent, soft and calm.

This refers to the actual illustration that goes with the photo (the adhair faeries). Whether the clues are on the back of one of the 2 cards, or each clue is on the corresponding card, or whether the clue for the other card is on them (so the one referring to the location is on the one with the faeries and vice versa.)

This feels like a good direction to go in, I just need to do it. Play about with it experiment, and then make and print it. I have to remind myself that I’m not short of time, its a good 5-6 weeks until the actual hand in.




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