The Glove Project

At the start of my 6th year at high school, I regularly noticed this unattractive, fluffy rainbow knit glove on the drive beside Tesco. Every day I saw it, for months on end. I became quite attached to it- it seemed so sad and lonely there, and it made me feel sort of melancholy too.

At the 2015 (?) DJCAD degree show, there was a piece in illustration (cannot remember the name of the illustrator or the piece, which is really annoying!) where someone had made a village of little ceramic houses, and when you lifted the roof off each one, a story was revealed inside, about the person that lived there.

This really inspired me. It’s probably my favourite story telling format to date. And it gave me an idea for the gloves.

I decided that I would pick up every glove I saw (unless it was really manky and I had no carrier bag to transport it in) and take it home. Of course, I forgot to pick up some, but I’ve got quite a collection now.

When I found a pair on the ground at a carpark at Braehead, my Mum asked my what I was collecting these gloves for, and I wasn’t 100% sure yet, I just knew I needed to create an artwork with them. She suggested I collect 1000 and then line them all up. I then pitched her my idea of creating stories for the glove owners, and placing them inside the gloves. The gloves could be kept together as a sort of book, or separated out and left round the country for other people to find and read.

I’d sort of forgotten about it until Monday (I’d say yesterday but it’s Wednesday now) when, while walking home from Treasure Island rehearsals, I noticed a small, muddy grey, black and white glove. I instantly remembered my glove project, and debated for a minute or so whether I should leave it or not, because it was minging. I chose to pick it up, and carried it home between 2 fingers (it really was rather muddy).

I think the collection is up to about 20 gloves now, but I’d like to get closer to 30-50 before I start writing any of the stories. It feels like a project I need to continue, it could run for my entire life if I wanted, because I felt so inspired.

The glove at Tesco, to my knowledge, is probably still there. It honestly was there for pretty much the whole of my 6th year, so it’s probably become fused with the tarmac now.



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