Some Days I’m Built of Metal

I’ve been feeling extremely high stress this week, especially today (I mean Sunday, it’s still Sunday till I go to sleep).

I ended up getting a bit ill over the weekend, I’m not sure whether I did have a bug or whether it was stress induced, but I suspect it was the latter. I spent the whole weekend being terrified I would vomit (the prospect of vomit petrifies me).

Anyways, the stress has been really getting me today, and no-ones really been in the flat. Normally if I’m stressed I go talk to one of the others, but they just didn’t seem to be about today.

I started to feel a bit sick again earlier (the illness had passed by then), just because I was getting so worked up, and I wasn’t calming down. I still feel quite sick, but I’m just trying to relax. It is very hard for me to relax. I got very dizzy, and felt like I was going to faint, but I got it under control enough that I was able to stand up.

I started feeling very sick with stress again in the last half an hour (I watched the most recent episode of “Clique”, which is great by the way, and something about it just kicked me off again- it was a very tense episode). I put on “Do You Feel It” by Chaos Chaos (it’s in an episode of “Rick and Morty”, also a great show) on repeat, and started drawing myself again. I’m going to have to stop writing now because my fingers are starting to feel numb and tingly, stress/anxiety again, so I’m just going to try and calm down a bit. My limbs are starting to ache because I’ve been so tensed up.




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