Numb Arm and Samara


I’m just awake (I nodded off again after my alarm) and also post dream. So I will try to write it as quick as possible.

I woke at about 10:20, and my arm was completely numb. I bit it very hard to check and felt nothing. It was by my head so it kept slapping me and I had to carry it when I rolled over because it wasn’t moving. In my half awake state I got really scared it had fallen off or something.

Sensation returned to my arm, and I nodded off again, into a dream. In my dream, I was at a LIP rehearsal, but Shakespeare had written Treasure Island so it was all a bit confused. Anyways, something went wrong and the director (who was a girl now) told us to just stop and go home. I did, and my friend phoned. She told me to watch the trailer for the new Ring movie, so I did that.

But horror movies have a way of worming themselves into my head. I know it’s nonsense, but my brain doesn’t seem to, and I often get more frightened afterwards rather than while watching. To be fair, most films stay with me beyond the ending, but horror movies really get stuck in there. And it doesn’t take a lot either; reading a bit of the plot or watching the trailer can get them stuck there, and make me behave oddly.

Well that’s exactly what happened. I thought could see Samara in my room (to be honest I’m a little worried about my wardrobe at the moment!) and kept my eyes tight closed so I wouldn’t see her. I still saw her eyes behind my own but at least she couldn’t hurt me. I just had to keep my eyes shut.

With my eyes closed, I left my room and went to flatmate’s door across the hall. I knocked, and she very quietly opened the door, but I didn’t hear and kept knocking. She asked me what was wrong, and I told her Samara was after me, so she gave me a hug and took me into her room. Sometime during this I had become an 8 year old little boy. With her, I was able to open my eyes again and we played cards, and she said I could sleep in her bed, so I did. But Samara was in my dreams and told me I couldn’t avoid her forever, so when I woke, my eyes remained tight shut.

The problem is, was I was starting to realise it was a dream, and that I could wake up. But because in the dream I had to keep my eyes closed, I couldn’t open them in reality. I hid in my flatmate’s bed for days, terrified to open my eyes, until suddenly I did. I saw Samara’s flash, but then my eyes creaked open on the real world. Where Samara is only a character in a film, and closing your eyes protects you from nothing.



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