Only This Moment

Today I’m feeling a bit less stressed. Learnt all my lines (I have a good technique), did some work on my new project (picture book this time), wrote some essay (it was shite but I did it).

So I’m in a pretty good mood. I started to disassociate about 20 minutes ago, it’s still going on. This time I’m a bit disturbed because basically only this moment I am in exists. The ones in the past are nearly forgotten, and it’s just a bit weird thinking that i existed before this moment. If I was more stressed/anxious this would have probably sent me into a massive panic attack, but right now I’m in a good mood, I’m also a bit tired-loopy, and I just finished watching Premature on Amazon Prime. Is kinda terrible but also hilarious, I recommend it!

Anyways, I’m kind of weirded out but in an okay mood. So that’s it.


P.S This is a good song and always lifts my spirits a bit:


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