Senses/Panic Attacks

In my previous post about my panic attack, I talked about “doing my senses”. This is what I’ve personally found most effective for easing a panic attack.

Basically, it’s a distraction/grounding technique. What you do is you pick a number, say 5, and you have to list 5 things you can see. Really go into detail- the more detail you go into, the more effective it is.

For example:

  1. Brown fluffy blanket, fluffier on one side than the other. It’s draped sideways across my bed.
  2. Killjoys comic to my right. It’s lying with its back facing upwards. There’s a yellow strip along the top, the black smiley face logo for BL/ind, and “Killjoys” in large black lettering.
  3. Pink orb fairy light. It’s on the end of the strand, next along is a yellow one.
  4. Keyboard. It’s on its side, leaning on my wardrobe. The bin is next to it.
  5. Mcvitie’s Lemon Puff biscuits, the top is open, the wax paper is exposed.

Then you do the same for the rest of your senses, with different numbers if you like (e.g. sight 5, sound 2, taste 1, touch 3, smell 1). The more detail you go into, the better, because it distracts you from the panic attack. I find that my breathing calms on its own when I do this, and I don’t need to do the “breathe in…. and breathe out” thing.

Obviously this won’t work for everyone, but I’ve found it helps me a lot.


Please enjoy this cute picture of my rabbit (apologies for the bad iPhone quality):



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