I’m Back!

Hello! I’ve not had time to post much this last week, what with about 30 deadlines all at once and my birthday. It’s all been a bit hectic.

All my uni work got finished okay, except for the picture book. With Treasure Island most nights and at the weekend, and Future Cameras group work not always going entirely to plan (people wanting to do work on days when I wasn’t really able, but agreed to anyway because the deadline was days away) I struggled to find any time for it, but I’m going to do it over the holiday so it should be fine. I have 3 weeks off!!!

I’ve got work to do on my King Lear project, primarily finishing the poster/s and printing it/them, and printing and mounting the photos. If I have time I’ll redo the background but I doubt I will have the time. The artist book I need to finish the faerie illustrations, print the postcards and make the map, but that shouldn’t take too long. The picture book I need to make the book, but as it was only a week long project I’m not going to focus on that hugely if that makes sense? And then there’s tidying up my Future Cameras stuff, getting it all looking presentable.

The main thing I’m concerned about is the stuff that needs professionally printed. I have to find somewhere decent in Argyll that does it, and I’m just worried it might not be ready on time. So I’m just going to get that all done asap so that there’s plenty of time. It will be fine.



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