Yes the title should all be in capitals. Because this is a high intensity time. In less than a week, I will submit all my work from this semester for assessment.

Am I stressed?

Obviously. I’d be insane if I wasn’t.

I am, however, quietly confident. Last year was such a shit show, but this year I feel like I’m in with a chance of doing pretty well. Touch wood. I’m not superstitious normally, but I am taking NO CHANCES.

Deadline stress is not something I am good at managing. I’m doing better this time because I’ve spread my workload, rather than leaving it till the last couple of days. But I still have a lot to do and not much time.


I do wish my Dad would try to help slightly less. That sounds arsey, but I know what I mean. I’m grateful and glad my parents want to help, but Dad can get over excited, and starts to bombard me with ideas, which stresses me more. He doesn’t mean to, of course, but it just makes my brain whir uncontrollably, and I struggle with it whirring lots on good days, and I haven’t got time for it right now. It’s hard saying to him to maybe ease up on the ideas as well, because he often takes it as a personal slight, which it’s not. It’s just me trying to reduce stress in as many areas of my life as possible.

I’m gonna make a mint hot chocolate with a chunk of my Easter egg now, because if there’s one thing I’ve found that reduces my stress, it’s chocolate.



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