I’m having some really nasty cyclical thoughts tonight, I don’t know whether it’s stress because of deadlines, or just me.

But they’re so bad I can feel a tingling sort of feeling inside my skull, and it’s running into my neck and making the muscles tighten.

I desperately want to write, but the current story I’m working on is quite sad, and I don’t think it would help. I need to watch or read something light and happy, but I’ve read all my light happy books at least 3 times each, and all the happy films and tv shows I’ve watched about twenty times each. I want to Skype my boyfriend, but it’s nearly 3am and he went to sleep hours ago.

I am now feeling dizzy with it, I’m going to have a glass of water and stop listening to Placebo’s cover of Running Up That Hill, because I have a feeling that that is maybe not helping.

I wish I knew how to make my brain slow down.

I do my senses when I have anxiety/panic attacks, but that doesn’t work when I’m highly stressed as I am now. I don’t know what has triggered this, but it’s not nice.



My post on Senses (how I deal with panic attacks):



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