No Chance

In one of my earliest posts, I talked about how I was healing an old friendship.

Well that is all good.

However, when that friendship broke down, a lot of shit happened and there was a lot of nastiness, and now it seems that the floodgates have opened and everyone is trying to get back into my life.

Well that’s not happening.

The friendship I healed was one that broke down because we both treated each other like shit. We both did bad stuff, and we were both at fault.

Now another person is trying to get back in. She got involved in the war apparently for sheer enjoyment (she once told me she fed off bitching. Sounds lovely, right?), and was really very cruel to me. Myself and the girl who I was actually in a fight with were both cruel to each other, but this other girl decided to jump in and attack me.

I don’t want someone like that in my life. I don’t want people in my life who “feed on bitching” and who join in on arguments for the sheer fun. What should have been something small between me and the other girl, that could’ve been resolved, exploded into something huge because this girl (and a couple of others) stuck their oar in. I’ve not interest in accepting her friend requests or having any contact with her.

I am really glad that me and the first girl are friends again. We met up a few weeks back and I haven’t laughed that much in 2 years. But my friendship with the other girl was already deteriorating. She’d moved away a little while before, and we’d drifted apart. So not just because of the fighting, but generally I’m don’t really care if she’s in my life.

Curiosity is at risk of taking over and making me add her back, but I’m being firm with myself. Re-establishing contact with her would have huge negative effects on my mental health, even thinking about her makes me feel sick, my breathing shallow and my heart race. I don’t need that.



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