A Little Less Frustration, A Little More TV Please

Yes that is an Elvis reference. A rubbish one.

As you’ve probably read in my previous posts, I do have a lot of trouble with my mental health. I’ve now learnt that I can, to an extent, keep it in check by tailoring what films/tv I watch.

This is fucking frustrating. Usually, I realise it is starting to trigger an episode and stop, but lately that has meant I watch next to nothing. Almost everything seems to cause me dissociate, or triggers the nasty cyclical thoughts I’ve talked about in the past, or can even cause panic attacks.

I would love to be able to watch what I want to, and I next to nothing is safe because it causes my brain to kick off. Even high school comedies (like Easy A and Mean Girls) can trigger stuff, and I don’t even know how. It’s like ideas and thoughts worm their way into my mind and start twisting my own thoughts, and that causes the negative reactions. I don’t know.

But I would really like to feel safe enough in myself to be able to watch whatever I wanted to watch, and not worry I’ll need to stop halfway through.



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