On Tuesday I received my results and I passed! Not as well as I’d hoped, I got an overall C2, which is apparently the middle ground. Last semester I got a C1, so I was really hoping to have bumped it up to a B3, but I had feedback from the tutors and I understand why.

The main thing is I need to draw more. My research is really strong (my strongest point in fact, though it only counts for 10% of the final grade), but I practical skills I need to work on. I expected my “creative competence” grade to be higher (that was a C2), as I was very thoughtful with my work this semester, and really tried to push my ideas in terms of creativity, although I suppose it covers materials and media, which I wasn’t hugely imaginative with. I need to do less line drawings that are coloured in. To be honest that is quite good news, it’s the final kick up the bum I need to do some portraiture like I used to in school. I’m also going to work more on my photography skills, and have that feature more in my projects where I can.

I’ve got lots of plans at the moment for summer. I’m hoping to renovate one of our 4 sheds into a studio space, although I’m still thinking about that as the lighting in all of them is quite dim. I’d need to get some really good lights in there. I’m also going to set some personal projects, and also get my brother involved as he’s taking more of an interest in design stuff nowadays. I’m going to do life drawing of my family, probably not nude because I don’t think they’d be hugely comfortable with that, it’s more so I get a better idea of how the body moves).

I’m continuing work at the kennels, but I’ve also been looking into doing work experience in other areas of animal care, such as at the Sea Life Sanctuary, St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital and the local stables. My passion for animal care is equal to, or perhaps even greater than, my passion for illustration, so I’m trying to get as much experience in that while doing my course. It means that if I chose to, with enough experience I could become a keeper at a sanctuary or something in the future, without actually needing to do an animal care college course. All very exciting.

In terms of actual leisure (both animal care and illustration, though enjoyable, are work), myself and my friends are hoping to do Go Ape, and have been discussing going and staying at a nearby outdoor centre for a few days. I’d really love to do that, because we did it in school, and it was the highlight of my entire school career.



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