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It’s Summertime!

It’s Summertime!

And I’ve not got Lana Del Rey’s sadness. Ha, funny joke.

I’ve got lots of plans for this summer. The last couple of weeks I’ve been highly motivated, been in a very good mindset, so I’ve got lots of ideas about how I’m spending my summer.

I know I’m setting myself mini projects, to expand my skills, as I’m starting my 3rd year of my illustration course next year, and I really need to up my game.

I’m hopefully going to do up one of our sheds and make it into a sort of studio.

Got stuff planned with friends (for once).

And of course I’ll be working back at the kennels, but I may be doing a wee bit of volunteering at the Sea Life Sanctuary that’s about 50 miles down the road.

I’m home now, finally, which I’m glad about. I’ve just been so ready to be home and get out of my Dundee mindset. I’m usually so high stress in Dundee, because my senses are completely overloaded by the city. When I’m home, it’s much quieter and calmer and I feel a lot less anxious.

Anyways, check out my Facebook page to see more updates on my illustration/artwork- hopefully I’ll be a bit busier on the page than I have been of late: www.facebook.com/ecbarkerillustrator/

Please enjoy the delightful image of Nigel Thornberry,



Some Days I’m Built of Metal

I’ve been feeling extremely high stress this week, especially today (I mean Sunday, it’s still Sunday till I go to sleep).

I ended up getting a bit ill over the weekend, I’m not sure whether I did have a bug or whether it was stress induced, but I suspect it was the latter. I spent the whole weekend being terrified I would vomit (the prospect of vomit petrifies me).

Anyways, the stress has been really getting me today, and no-ones really been in the flat. Normally if I’m stressed I go talk to one of the others, but they just didn’t seem to be about today.

I started to feel a bit sick again earlier (the illness had passed by then), just because I was getting so worked up, and I wasn’t calming down. I still feel quite sick, but I’m just trying to relax. It is very hard for me to relax. I got very dizzy, and felt like I was going to faint, but I got it under control enough that I was able to stand up.

I started feeling very sick with stress again in the last half an hour (I watched the most recent episode of “Clique”, which is great by the way, and something about it just kicked me off again- it was a very tense episode). I put on “Do You Feel It” by Chaos Chaos (it’s in an episode of “Rick and Morty”, also a great show) on repeat, and started drawing myself again. I’m going to have to stop writing now because my fingers are starting to feel numb and tingly, stress/anxiety again, so I’m just going to try and calm down a bit. My limbs are starting to ache because I’ve been so tensed up.



Woah-Oh I’m Halfway There!

I don’t even like Bon Jovi (sorry Harley!).

No, I’m halfway there because I’ve final created a design I’m happy with for the backs of the cards for the artist book project. So all that’s left now is to finish the faerie illustrations (not too many left, just the stupid bloody deataigh dragon and a couple of others) and create the map. And I love making maps and drawing/painting faeries, so I’m feeling pretty chill. Everything’s good.

Aside from the fact I’ve felt quite nauseous all day and was almost sick earlier (my throat is still sore from the acid stuff that came up) that is. I don’t think I’m coming down with anything (hopefully), i think it’s just I’ve been stressing, and it’s taking its toll.

But I can relax a wee bit, this project is in hand, the Future Cameras project will PROBABLY  be okay (we’ve got a group presentation thing, on the 31st, but I don’t think the actual sketchbooks are due till the 24th(ish) of April. The essay is going to be my main focus this week, because even though we’ve got the “Natalie Project”, that’s not officially due till the 24th of April as well, so if I crack down with the essay and learning my lines everything will be FINE, so long as I don’t have a tummy bug.

Below is the final design for the backs of the cards. It does look a tad wedding-y, but I think once it has the image on the front it will be fine. I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out. Obviously at the bottom it’ll have the actual coordinates, I just need to create the map first!


Faerie back tree 7 FINAL


I need to write as fast as possible while the dreams are still in my head. There were 3 very vivid ones, one is similar to one I’ve had before.

In the first, I was in my old halls of residence, but the old kitchen from my home was there and had just been left yellow with the table all these years. My Dad, my brother and I were talking. i was trying to say something but he kept cutting me off. So I said,

“You’re not listening.” so he retorted with,

“I’m not satisfied.”

We both said this over and over, and I ended up screaming at his shoulder,

“YOU’RE. NOT. LISTENING!” He was obviously frustrated, but I was sort of amused, because to be honest when I yell I can drown anyone out. My brother was giggling the whole time. More happened in this one, but that is what I remember.

I was in halls of residence, but they were super cool and kind of Scandinavian style. A friend from home also lived there and we were watching a film. A shih tzu came into the room with a note that said The Company was coming. Then, a load of people started to come in. I went back to my room, where my Dad and brother were and they said they were leaving. I don’t think I replied. After they’d gone, an emo/rocker guy who was part of the company and apparently my boyfriend came into my room and started snogging me. The someone came him and told him he needed to work. He whipped a machete type thing out (no idea where it came from) and it was covered in bloody slime stuff, a bit like in the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Wonka calls the giant wasp thing. He started to lick the stuff off the machete and the guy was like,

“Oh you’re having some food I’ll go.” Then my boyfriend left with his machete and so I went to the bathroom. It was so nice in there, like really white and airy. One of the women from the company came up to me and said,

“You’re needed. Follow me.” so I did. She took me down a flight of stairs hidden in the bathroom.

When we got to the bottom my boyfriend was there just sorted of grinning and bouncing a wee bit, and my friend was dead or something, that bits a bit blurry. It was really cool down there. like low ceiling but awesome lighting.

Then the head of the company showed herself, she was a skinny Chinese woman but with quite a broad face. I got out my bow and quiver of arrows, which apparently had been there the whole time. It was like white and the arrows had different coloured tips and were sort of holographic (there was a lot of holographic stuff in the company and I blame the group project). I started shooting at the people from the company, and I ran into a massive room that had big pillar things. The weren’t typical pillars, I’ll draw them so you get the idea.


There were loads like that and they were sort of black web things with little lights on them. The floors and the ceiling were like mood lights changing colour the whole time but always quite dark, and the walls were just big long mirrors, like a ballet studio.

I ran through it and kept shooting, but more and more were coming and I couldn’t hold them off. Then I fell through the floor, and out into the world.

I was by the Loch at home (Loch Fyne), but it had no water in it, a bit like when you set the ocean level to 1 in Minecraft. I got into this submarine thing, and started driving through the emptied Loch, looking at all the cool stuff. I was looking for something, though I didn’t find out until the 3rd dream because my alarm went off.

In the 3rd dream, I was with Mr. Tweedy, from Chicken Run, and we were watching the chickens. Then I went outside and talked to the chickens (note, chickens are evil. Their eyes are evil and they creep me out and they stole my lunch when I was 5). They told me they were regularly divided into 2 groups based on hats they were given and were not allowed to communicate with the other group. Then the company came and told me I needed to come with them. I did, and they took me back to Loch Fyne, where we found a small crack at the bottom of the loch. Cool holographic light was shining through. We went down into it, and found the portal we’d been searching for, and a room filled with beautiful lighting. Then I woke again and I will never know what happened.